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26 June 2017

Escaping all the sanctioned events this weekends (well, any weekend around here), we took the 43 Masonic north to Fort Mason. It's a long bus ride but it leaves you at the north end of the city just a few steps from the bay.

Bay Pano. Looking north, west to east, you see the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Tamalpais, Angel Island, Alcatraz.

There have been whale sightings under the Golden Gate Bridge lately but we didn't see anything momentous rise from the bay waters as we stood at the end of Pier 2.

Instead, it was the bay waters themselves that struck us as majestic. Particularly after last week's heat wave.

We thought a long and lazy panorama of the cool water would be appreciated by others who have been suffering the heat, so we brought our five Raw shots into Photoshop CC and built the pano.

The images were captured with an Olympus E-PL1 with its kit lens racked out to 25mm (a 50mm 35mm equivalent) to minimize distortion.

We Photomerged them four times before we got it right, the geometric distortion corrected and the horizon level. Then we cropped it and opened the DNG pano in Photoshop's Camera Raw filter to tweak the image a bit, dehazing it a good deal.

Matching the waves from the edge of one shot to the other is magic. You can't match them. It's the horizon you worry about. The land masses. And getting the buildings upright.

After that there's really nothing left to do but, well, dive in!

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