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3 July 2017

It's easy to get burned taking photos of fireworks. Just use a digicam with autofocus and auto exposure doing all the thinking. Ugh. Of thee we singe.

July 4th Fireworks. In Washington, D.C. (2008) from Carol M. Highsmith's America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

So every year at this time, noble-hearted practitioners of the art and click farmers all present their tips for capturing fireworks.


We've done our duty in the past and honor the occasion in advance with a few links to our more worthwhile efforts:


But as a proponent of post processing magic, we're pleased to add to that list one link for Photoshopping your fireworks:


After years of experimentation from distances that inevitably proved too far away, we have settled on a more civilized way to enjoy fireworks. We eat spiral dogs during the show.

Unfortunately all our old links to how to make a spiral dog are broken. So our real public service on this holiday is to present a fresh one: Perfect Hotdogs: The Spiral Cut Dog.

Long may it wave.

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