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5 July 2017

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at the Volvo XC60's camera, 10 years of iPhone, shutter therapy, Arved Colvin-Smith, an update to Pixel Peeper and Dae Cross's Dehaze for CS6.

  • In The Latest Camera? A Four-Door Volvo, James Estrin talks to photojournalist Barbara Davidson about her Volvo contract to take with the XC60's black-and-white 1.3 megapixel video camera. "I think the car camera has incredible artistic potential and conceptual artists in particular are going to want to explore it," she said.
  • Austin Mann looks at 10 Years of iPhone. "Earlier this month, I realized June 29 would mark the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone and began diving into the images I've shot with iPhone over the years," the iPhone photographer begins.
  • Robin Wong explains what Shutter Therapy is. "In my view, Shutter Therapy is when you go out with a camera and have fun shooting," he writes. Now there's an assignment.
  • Arved Colvin-Smith's Color Explosion might also be called Makeup Gone Mad. He captures make-up artist Linda Öhrström's experiments in color and form with a Leica S.
  • Pixel Peeper, which can show JPEG edits made by Adobe Camera Raw, has been updated to show which Lightroom preset was used on the image, if any. There's also a paid option (to defer costs) to point to a photo by its URL.
  • Dave Cross has developed presets to apply a simulated Dehaze for CS6. No support and registration is required but who looks a gift horse in the mouth?

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