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8 July 2017

After just a week this month our Internet service provider notified us that our bandwidth usage had exploded. That's never a good thing, really. Readership doesn't explode. It grows.

Once again the culprit was Google. The indexing bot had behaved itself for a few months after setting the site on fire. But it seems to have lapsed into the old behavior despite our throttling it back.

To avoid both the estimated over-quota usage charges and the bandwidth quota protection that blocks everyone from the site when we hit our quota, we have had to once again block Google from indexing the site.

Last time we recommended you use Bing but Bing's results are always only partial for some reason. Google searches are, of course, possible but understand that they won't contain results published after yesterday until we restore access to Google again, which isn't likely until the end of the month.

For the most thorough (and attractive) results, we recommend using Mike's Method from the Find button in the top right corner of the main pages. It takes a minute or two for the first run because it reads through all 3,500+ stories on the site. But it doesn't miss a trick.

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