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11 July 2017

Flying Meat has updated Acorn, Gus Mueller's image editing software for macOS 10.11 and later, to version 6. The new version features text on a path, an improved clone tool, new Web export features, smart layer export settings, improved Bezier tools, improved color profile handling and bug fixes.

The release notes detail the new features, among which are:

  • Text on a path. You can use the Shape>Convert To Path Text menu item when selecting a shape or you can use the Bezier Text Tool to click on a path and then start typing.
  • Clone tool works across layers, images and more. The clone tool can now work across layers, images and can use group or shape layers as a cloning source.
  • New Web Export Features. You can now zoom and pan and use shortcuts to change the scale of your image. There are new options to convert your image to sRGB if it isn't already and if you are exporting a wide gamut image (such as DP3), there's a new option to highlight he colors that are out of range of sRGB (available on 10.12+ only).
  • Smart Layer Export Settings Palette. You now have a movable frame that represents the export bounds of your image and you can even give it a real name and everything from there. In addition, you can choose to have your layer automatically export as @1x, @2x, @3x, etc. sizes.
  • New Bezier tools, stroke alignment and boolean operations. You can now set the stroke alignment on shapes to be inner, outer or center (which has always been the default you're probably used to). Shapes now have a new boolean operation: Divide, which works on two selected overlapping shapes. There are now Shape>Bezier Stuff>Simplify Path and Smooth Path menu items, which do exactly what they say. There's a new option under the Shape>Bezier Stuff menu item: "Reverse Path."
  • Load and save color profiles, view wide gamut differences. Acorn 6 makes it easier than ever to load and save profiles to your image from the Color Profile sheet.
  • Make Shape from Selection. This new menu item, located under the Select menu, will be activated when you've placed selections on the canvas using the various vector options (rect, oval, freehand, etc). It'll also do the correct boolean options if you subtract or add to the selection.

The $29.99 image editor is on sale for $14.99and may be purchased directly from Flying Meat or through the Apple App Store, with a few less tricks up its sleeve. A 14-day free trial is also available.

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