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13 July 2017

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at Jupiter's red spot, architecture, womanhood, photojournalism, the unseen, texting a photo, a studio setup, David Slater and a National Parks senior pass price increase.

  • Architectural Beauty presents a few of Roger Schäfer;s black-and-white images. "Here I'm trying to put lines and surfaces in a harmonious relationship to one another," he says. "By reducing color to black-and-white also abstraction, minimalism down to a visual metaphor is produced."
  • In The Nebulous Passage Into Womanhood, Ania Bartkowiak profiles the work of Charmaine Poh focused on the line between childhood and adulthood with her project Room. Along with portraits taken in their bedrooms, handwritten notes by the subjects to themselves are part of the project.
  • In Photojournalists on Ethics and Their Responsibilities, Photo Distict News interviews photojournalists Nina Berman, David Guttenfelder, Victor J. Blue, Sim Chi Yin and Ed Kashi plus Tom Hundley, senior editor at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.
  • Julieanne Kost demonstrates Viewing the Unseen With the Help of a Camera. "Whether it's capturing a split-second or compressing multiple seconds into a single photograph, the camera can help us to see what, under normal circumstances, we can not observe," she begins.
  • In Send Me SFMOMA, Jay Mollica explains when you text 572-51 with the words "send me" followed by a keyword, a color or even an emoji the museum will respond with an image from its collection of 34,678 (or so) images. "For example 'send me the ocean' might get you Pirkle Jones' Breaking Wave, Golden Gate," he writes.
  • Kirk Tuck details his studio lighting design setup. Looks like he's been playing fort, actually.
  • In Monkey Selfie Photographer Says He's Broke: 'I'm Thinking of Dog Walking', Julia Carrie Wong catches up with David Slater who is being sued by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on behalf of one monkey for copyright of the selfie. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments yesterday.
  • Lifetime America the Beautiful Senior Passes are still $10 but will go up to $80 on Aug. 28. You can save the $10 processing fee by buying one at a park.

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