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13 July 2017

Rocky Nook is offering a 50 percent discount on your entire purchase until tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. PST when you use the coupon code JULY50 at checkout.

The company has 184 photography titles in print, covering a wide variety of topics. Most of them can be ordered as print, ebook or as a print/ebook bundle.

Rocky Nook's focus on photography is unusual for a publisher. As the company explains on its About page:

Rocky Nook's mission is to publish books on those leading-edge developments in photography and imaging that really matter, to filter out the marketing noise so often associated with them and to focus on their practical use in the photographic workflow. The ultimate goal of all that is image quality.

We have an affiliate arrangement with Rocky Nook so even if you miss the sale, using our PHOTOCORNERS code at checkout saves you 35 percent on your order and helps support this site.

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