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26 July 2017

German bag manufacturer Oberwerth has introduced ISAR, a padded wrist strap made from rhubarb leather that is designed for dSLR and full-format cameras.

Oberwerth said its rhubarb leather, which is tanned exclusively in Germany, is exceptionally soft, pliable and smooth thanks to an environmentally-friendly tanning process that does not use chromium salts or heavy metals.

The strap's cashmere-like softness and interior padding make it especially suited for heavy dSLR cameras up to 55 lbs. A retaining ring connects the strap to the camera eyelet.


Specifications for the ISAR include:

Weight 0.06 lb.
Width 1.2 inch
Thickness 0.14 inch
Length 7.9 inches
Leather Rhubarb Leather
Capacity 55 lbs.


Available in either black or dark brown, the ISAR strap is available now for $99 from selected photo retailers or direct from Oberwerth. For more information see the news release below.

Oberwerth Presents New ISAR Wrist Strap

Exceptional comfort thanks to Rhubarb Leather

COBLENZ, Germany -- Premium bag manufacturer Oberwerth has extended its product range of exclusive and functional accessories. The elegant ISAR wrist strap is handmade from sustainable Rhubarb Leather and has a very soft padding, making it an ideal accessory for dSLR and full-format cameras.

Velvety Rhubarb Leather for exceptional comfort

The ISAR camera wrist strap is made from super soft, velvety Rhubarb Leather, which provides outstanding comfort. The Rhubarb Leather is tanned exclusively in Germany with extracts made from rhubarb root. Owing to the environmentally friendly and sustainable tanning process, the leather is exceptionally soft, pliable and smooth. The special structure and feel of the Rhubarb Leather is described by leather lovers as having a "cashmere feel." Rhubarb Leather is exceptionally kind to the skin since the tanning process does not use any chromium salts or heavy metals. The ISAR wrist strap is suitable for heavy SLR and full-format cameras because of its velvety texture and the superior interior padding. A retaining ring connects wrist strap and camera body to protect against any accidental drops. The ISAR wrist strap is designed to carry a load of 25 kg and is suitable for all common camera models.

Price and availability

The ISAR wrist strap is available for $99 including VAT from selected photo retailers or direct from Available and in stock in the colors black and dark brown.

For more information about the new ISAR wrist strap by Oberwerth visit the ISAR page.

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