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31 July 2017

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at the Hippie Trail, the effect of familiarity, packing for Iceland, Women Photograph grants, lens design, the Fujifilm GFX at Dana Lakes and Peter Turnley on John Morris.

  • In Young Travelers on the 'Hippie Trail', Rian Dundon presents a set of 1971 images by Jack Garofalo working for Paris Match. "In the 1960s and 1970s," Dundon explains, "intrepid European and American naifs were traipsing the backroads of South Asia on an unofficial network of cheap hostels and budget bus fleets known as the Hippie Trail."
  • Ming Thein considers "why we seem to shoot better when taken out of our usual environments" in Seeing and Familiarity. Which leads to an interesting approach to being more sensitive to the changes in familiar environments.
  • In Iceland 2017 -- the Gritty Details!, Terry White lays out his gear, detailing the 35 things in a photo of the brought with him on his Iceland shoot. "The one thing I wish I had brought more of was memory cards for the drone," he says.
  • No Longer Seeing the World Through Men's Eyes presents 15 photos by the winners of the first Women Photograph grants: Alex Potter, Lujan Agusti, Gabriella Demczuk and NĂ©ha Hirve.
  • In Three More Things About the Spotmatic, Mike Johnston mainly gives a mini-lecture on four versions of the M42 screwmount 50mm f1.4 for the Spotmatic that delves into the importance of lens coatings, a radioactive lens element and a pine tar adhesive whose age-related yellowing can be reversed by sunlight.
  • Lloyd Chambers takes a few Fujifilm GFX Examples Using 23mm f4 and 110mm f2 at Dana Lakes. "That GFX sensor does a great job in the outdoors and I really like the about $2,600 23mm f4 and the about $2,800 110mm f2,: he writes. At those prices, we'll just look at the photos as a mini-vacation.
  • Peter Turnley has written a personal tribute to John Morris, who passed away last week. He writes, "His passion was in living life with love, doing the best one can and fighting for a world where peace, care, decency, generosity and honesty prevail -- and his passion for public service was greater than anyone I've ever known."

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