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1 August 2017

We've just updated the Archive with the 73 stories we published last month as Volume 6 Number 7 of Photo Corners. We delivered 13 Features, 30 commented news items, 24 Editor's Notes (with over 110 total items of interest), three reviews and three site notes.

That makes a nice table of contents to peruse as a monthly magazine, if you're so inclined. It's also a nice way to take stock of what we've been doing.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORIES fluctuated throughout the month with a late surge putting our news item about the ON1 Photo Raw update in first place followed by Nikon's scholarship announcement in second. Third place was held by the leader most of the month, the matinee Familia Carvalho.

Rounding out the top five were the matinee about The Dull Men's Club and our review of Whitewall's Ultra HD prints.

Don't put a lot of stock in those rankings. They shortchange stories we put up at the end of the month rather dramatically. The ON1 story, for example, ended up with five times the readership it started out with.

We did set a record for visits with over 106,800.

Still, it's interesting to know something we really enjoyed like the top two matinees were hits with you too.

WHILE FINAL READERSHIP STATS for the month won't be available yet, we've already exceeded last month's unique visitors. And you've been busy, reading over 1,061,400 stories this month. No, that's not a record, but it once again breaks the million mark.

We did set a record for visits with over 106,800. We do update throughout the day, so it's nice to see you coming back.

And that after we blocked Google from visiting the site early in the month when it threatened to consume our entire bandwidth allocation in a week. We reserved that for actual readers this month. And we really aren't inclined to welcome Google back in.

So if you're searching the site, you're best bet is to use Mike's Method from the headline page's Find button. The first run takes a minute to scan the 3,646-plus stories on the site but the subsequent runs are quick.

OUR SITE TWEAKS were modest but challenging. We mentioned Google already but the carousel navigation was fun to work on, mixing code with user interface design. We didn't bother to mention it, but we also added links to submit a calendar entry or a news item on our popular Horn articles.

August is just a few hours away as we write this and we can't wait. We never know what's going to happen next in this business but we always enjoy finding out. And, as we said last month, we're glad you're along for the ride.

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