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2 August 2017

When you mix the heat of the California's Central Valley with the cool air being blown in off the ocean, you get fog. Wisps of white cloud at ground level, that is, floating in like a light drizzle.

Summer Fog. Drifting in and stopping above Mount Davidson. Micro Four Thirds, f11, 1/500 second, ISO 200 at 36mm (72mm equivalent). DNG edited in Photoshop CC.

If you're in a reflective mood, you love the diffused light. You turn on a floor lamp and curl up with a book and a hot cup of coffee or tea and take full advantage.

If you're already put on the sunscreen and your knees are shaking below your shorts, you're not as enamored of the phenomenon. You're on vacation and you want vacation weather.

Most days, you just have to escape the coast to find the sun. And around here that means just getting on the other side of Mount Davidson (pictured) and Twin Peaks. As this photo shows.

Of course, you can have too much sun, too. And when the air is still, the city can get scorched. But after about three days of that, the wind picks up and the fog rolls in.

We like to think of it as natural air conditioning.

In this shot we're looking southwest as the fog comes in and stops, unable to tumble down the hill very far. Until later in the day anyway, when the sun moves on and the air warmed by the sun cools.

Then the city is cloaked in mystery and you wonder if what you see is what you think it is.

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