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7 August 2017

Just a short note to invite anyone within earshot of KCMJ 93.9 FM in Colorado Springs to tune in tonight at 7:30 MT to Mike Pach's The Photo Show. Or, you know, pretend you're within earshot using your browser or an app.

"People will be able to listen to the interview live on or with the TuneIn Radio app if they search for KCMJ 93.9," Pach said.

We can't reveal the name of the mystery guest is but he can tell you he spends his day telling the photographic forests from the digital trees.

Even more mysterious is who'll be doing the interviewing. But one thing we are fairly confident of is that there will be more questions than answers.

Which always makes for a fun time.

Update (8 Aug.): OK, we were the mystery guest (why remains a mystery to us). And, surprise, we both did some interviewing. Here's the broadcast to enjoy at your leisure.

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