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19 August 2017

We don't call this series "tweaks" for nothing. They are sometimes ridiculously small changes that, nevertheless, we find exhilarating.

Today, for example, we addressed an old annoyance.

If you're reading this on your phone, you won't experience the problem because for small screens we eliminated it a while ago. Small screens can only do so much (and that's not much at all when your site is a photography site).

But if you're using a larger screen and see the left-side index on our headline (and a few other) pages, you may have noticed we pushed the category headings a bit to the left.

A change like this can be tricky, though.

Big deal, right?

Well, it makes a difference. As the listings in that index grows, it gets harder to find the headings.

The solution we usually use is the Jump button in the top right corner, which just lists the headings. But sometimes we scroll. And get lost.

No more. By dog-earing the headings with a negative left margin, we can now find them visually with ease.

A change like this can be tricky, though.

Where else on the site of over 3,500 files have we used that class? Fortunately the text editor from Bare Bones Software we use to write this site has a multi-file search option. So we could scan everything in a few seconds to see what the impact would be.

And, as on any well-designed site, the impact was contained to the elements we expected. If we do say so ourselves.

Small tweak, improved user experience. Use the Feedback button to let us know what you think.

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