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24 August 2017

This image has been laying around in our imagination for a few weeks. It's an alternate framing of the subject that includes the full shadow. The original composition was just the hydrant in portrait orientation.

But who takes portraits of hydrants? No, the shadow was part of the attraction, so we included it in our alternate framing. It's a nice counterpoint to the rust.

The shadow suggests solidity. The rust suggests decay. Opposed attributes that are, nevertheless, both true.

And just for added amusement, there's very little distinction between the old asphalt of the street and the worn concrete of the sidewalk. Even the red paint on the curb has worn away.

So only the shadow is robust, shall we say.

And yet the hydrant promises water, which in a fire is equivalent to salvation. Which strikes us, when you put it all together, as highly amusing.

So what would you title this image?

Ah, well, now you can see why images are rarely titled. It's best left to the viewer to label the image with whatever meaning they perceive.

Alternately, though, you might just click that Click For Caption button under the image to, well, see what happens.

Our favorite: "Dogs Don't Paint."

Kind of changes the whole experience, don't you think?

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