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29 August 2017

This is one of those shots we went back to get. Fortunately it was an inanimate object because, you know, opportunity only knocks once. Humor, however, has a way of repeating itself.

The joke here is that this sign board was strategically located by the front door of Baiano Pizza on Ninth Ave. And that little drawing is of a pizza cutter. And....

It made us laugh.

We walked on, though, looking for something to shoot with the Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera we like to use on the street.

Then it occurred to us that we had just seen something to shoot. So on the way back up the hill, we spun around, framed the shot so it didn't include the guy on the bench next to it and got the picture.

Camera settings were f8 at 1/200 second and ISO 200 in the fog, which nicely diffused the light.

Focal length was the 35mm equivalent of a 60mm lens (that's 30mm on the 14-42mm kit zoom), which is a medium telephoto focal length. That gets you closer than you actually are -- which is often an advantage on the street.

The Raw file took very little work in Adobe Camera Raw. That always makes us feel like we didn't get dessert after a big meal.

But after all those carbs, who needs dessert?

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