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30 August 2017

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at Hosam Katan, Zeiss microcontrast, Ming Thein's drone diary, DJI Mavic Pro drone settings, Brooke Shaden and Behance portfolio reviews.

  • In 'I Am Not Useful for My Camera if I Die': A Syrian Photographer's View, Karam Shoumali profiles Hosam Katan who, at 17, "never thought he'd become a war photographer." Until he saw police use force against protesters. He used his smartphone to capture the events, posting to social media. Today he is studying photojournalism at the University of Hanover and has a book coming out.
  • Lloyd Chambers discusses Micro Contrast and the Zeiss 'Pop'. Microcontrast is why we crank up Clarity all the time around here. As Chambers says, "One less obvious benefit of high micro contrast is that less aggressive sharpening is needed." Less aggression is good.
  • In Drone Diaries: Differentiated Aerial Perspectives, Ming Thein writes, "I've come to believe that [the] real appeal of aerial photography lies solely in one thing: the ability to see familiar places or objects or classes of objects from a drastically and otherwise physically inaccessible perspective."
  • Terry White found The Best DJI Mavic Pro Drone Photography and Video Settings by accident. But you can glean them from his screen shots. Two were surprises (Style and Gimbal settings).
  • In Brooke Shaden Connects Through Art, Alyssa Coppelman details the photographer's process from planning through Photoshopping. "I remember a couple of images that took 1,000 layers, but those are rare, and my computer hates me for it," Shaden confesses.
  • Behance Portfolio Reviews "are hosted by companies, professional organizations and individuals interested in connecting their creative community and attended by creatives of all disciplines and experience levels looking for inspiration and actionable feedback on their work." This year's reviews will be held between Oct. 23 and 29 at a location near you.

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