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20 September 2017

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at the Battle of the Sexes, Jeremy Cowart, Mann's iPhone 8 Plus camera review, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, bidding on a lifestyle shoot, Italian Vogue and the Bay Bridge.

  • On the 44th anniversary of the epic Battle of the Sexes, Rian Dundon tells the story in pictures from an age when photos had grain. We were rooting for Billie Jean King, an East Bay kid. "It was all spectacle, of course, with Riggs playing the sleazy tennis promoter-cum-masochist and King the righteous innocent," Dundon writes. "But showmanship aside, the match came at a pivotal moment for the women's movement -- and particularly the public image of female professional sports, which King had fought hard to overcome."
  • Jeremy Cowart talks about the downside of commercial photography for the artist (clients always pick the worst shot) while showing off an inspiring variation of approaches to portrait photography.
  • iPhone 8 Plus Camera Review: India is Austin Mann's take on the camera features of the new phone. He's been shooting with the iPhone since 2007 and reviewing them since the iPhone 5. "If you're ready for a new smartphone now," he writes, "the 8 Plus is a solid upgrade and it is the best money can buy." But he's holding out for the X in 45 days.
  • Ming Thein lists a few reasons Why GAS Might Actually Turn Out to Be Good for You. That's Gear Acquisition Syndrome, driven by the phenomenon that "any piece of gear that gives us a major itch is going to get fondled, shot and enjoyed a lot more than something unemotional that doesn't."
  • The Wonderful Machine works through a bid for a Lifestyle Shoot for Technology Company requiring 15 images. Rights were priced in tiers with different rates for the first image, the next two, the next three and the last nine.
  • At Italian Vogue, a New Beginning reveals Emanuele Farneti's approach to following Franca Sozzani as editor of the prestigious title. With glossy titles in decline, Farneti has moved to a larger format page, the better to accommodate the photos that he and Sozzani consider the international language of fashion. And his first cover has been shot by Steven Meisel, who had shot Sozzani's covers since 2014.
  • Harold Davis' Bay Bridge is an intriguing shot, taken from an unusual angle and turning the blue sky black to highlight the fog bank on its way in.

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