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22 September 2017

We happened to be going through our catalog of over 60,000 images looking for just the right one for a particularly vexing project when it struck us that we are drawn to certain subjects.

We've mentioned our affinity for taking street shots of bicycles before. They seem to show up in our slide shows with embarrassing regularity.

But, as we scrolled through our collection, we realized we're even fonder of windows.

Which makes sense. Windows transmit light and photography is all about light. No light, no photography.

But windows don't just transmit light. They can reflect it. And you can see through them like frames. And those frames can be quite decorative. Some of them were even funny, believe it or not.

Windows transmit light and photography is all about light.

There's a lot to windows, in short.

So we started exporting our favorites, drawing the line at windows we liked because they were in a building we liked. And before you knew it, we had 59 images.

Don't worry, the slide show isn't 59 images.

But it did make us wonder if making our favorite windows into a slide show was the best we could do.

Maybe, we thought, they should be one of those coffee table books. Not that anyone would be interested in a book of photographs of mere windows but that window photographs might make a discipline for a study of human nature.

Those, after all, are the best photo books.

We're going to chew on that a while. But, after you've seen the slide show, if the idea strikes a cord with you, let us know.

Encouragement never stopped us from doing anything.

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