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Wacom Tablets Incompatible With High Sierra Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

25 September 2017

Wacom has announced its current table drivers are not compatible with macOS High Sierra 10.13, released today. In a popup window on its Web site, Wacom explained:

Apple has announced 10.13 High Sierra will be released September 25th. Wacom is currently working on a new driver update to support the new operating system. The new Wacom driver will be ready by late October at the latest. Due to [the] nature of the changes in High Sierra, the existing Wacom driver for 10.12 will not work. To continue to use your tablet uninterrupted, Wacom suggest not to upgrade to 10.13 until the new driver is released. Once released the update will appear in a the Wacom Desktop Center and posted on the driver page found here.

There are also application-related issues with Adobe Creative Suite, Corel and Autodesk, according to the company. Those fixes too will not be available until October.

Wacom didn't detail what breaks with High Sierra.

We have successfully used a Wacom Intuos II tablet with v6.2.0w4 of the driver under Sierra, an unsupported configuration, with just a few simple workarounds. Sierra introduced significant USB driver changes which we expected to disable our tablet but that didn't happen. We had the same functionality we had with El Capitan.

But forewarned is forearmed.

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