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5 October 2017

Phase One has announced several free webinars covering the features of Capture One Pro 10, its image editing software.

  • On the Road -- and Back to Home. This webinar explores combining Capture One's Sessions workflow with a master Catalog at home, as well as other strategies for merging Catalogs.
  • From Raw to Wow With Capture One. This webinar gives several Raw files the Capture One treatment demonstrating a number of techniques to push your files to the limit.
  • Ultimate Session Workflow. In this webinar you'll see how powerful Sessions are to speed through a job or project. See how to Import, Select, Rate, Cull and Export in this essential Webinar.
  • Color Grading Five Images. Alexander Flemming and David Grover pair up again, giving five images the Capture One treatment. See how the Color Balance tool works with other tools to give you results you want direct from Capture One.

See the links for more details and to register. Registration is required for each webinar and virtual seating is limited.

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