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9 October 2017

This is the view out our window this evening as we sat down to dinner. A little while earlier we sat on the patio in the back of the house marveling to see white ash on the outdoor table. California was in flames.

Early in the morning the winds woke us up. We looked out the bedroom window to see what was going on. A strange, strong breeze from the east was bending the trees. We went back to sleep.

Only to find, in the morning, that the wind had blown catastrophe from the Napa valley to the Sonoma valley and on to Santa Rosa.

We're no strangers to those places. But we couldn't tell from the news reports if the neighborhoods we knew were affected until we found a map late in the afternoon that marked the fires.

Some places we knew were spared, others not. We wondered about friends like Derrick Story in Sebastopol whose last post was three days ago. But it wasn't the time to ping them.

Disaster knows no boundary. Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, Northern California. It doesn't matter where you are.

Like most of you, we've suffered our share at the hands of disaster. No one really escapes it. So when it hits anyone, it hits us all.

The setting sun this evening seemed to be crying. We took a photo. We thought we'd never be able to adjust the Raw image to show exactly what we'd seen. Precisely what we felt.

But we're sure you know.

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