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20 October 2017

Last night at Adobe MAX, Adobe unveiled 11 technology Sneaks, representing its explorations and emerging technologies. The table below includes links to the videos and descriptions of the experimental technologies showcased last night with the help of Kumail Nanjiani of HBO's Silicon Valley.

Sneak Description
Lincoln Lincoln is a data visualization tool for designers to link graphics to data without the need to code.
Scene Stitch Scene Stitch is used to fill large holes in images by querying a database of images and automatically finding content to fill the hole.
Scribbler Scribbler is an interactive deep learning-based image generation system which gives users an easy way to express their ideas and visualize their designs by performing simple sketching and drag-and-drop operations.
Cloak Cloak is content-aware-fill for video. It enables removing unwanted things from a video by imagining what would appear if these unwanted things were removed.
Puppetron Puppetron is a way to quickly combine a series of facial photos with artistic portraits to create puppets directly usable in Character Animator.
SonicScape SonicScape is a new way to visualize ambisonics in 360 video using color particles. This visualization will help video editors see where sound is located in context.
PhysicsPak PhysicsPak automatically fills a shape with copies of elements, growing, stretching and distorting them to fill the space. It uses a physics simulation to do this and to control the amount of distortion.
Sidewinder Sidewinder takes a VR video with a depth map and applies novel view synthesis to enable moving of the head positionally which makes the 3D presence of the scene much greater.
Playful Palette Playful Palette is a color picker interface for digital paint programs that derives intuition from oil paint and watercolor palettes, but extends them with digital features.
Deep Fill Deep Fill is a new deep neural network-based image in-painting system that (1) learns to generate image patches that are visually realistic and semantically reasonable and (2) allows interactive customization of results based on users' brushing and sketch inputs.
Quick 3D With Quick 3D a designer can easily convert a simple sketch to a 3D model that can be used in applications like Adobe Dimension CC.

For more information see the blog post about the sneaks.

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