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26 October 2017

Our full book reviews gathered under this column's tag are reserved for titles we found particularly inspiring. But there are a number of releases that we read for review that are worthy of recognition if not a full review. Our short reviews of recent releases attempts to retrieve them from oblivion. Because, you know, we think you might enjoy them.

Digital Restoration From Start to Finish
by Ctein

IN THIS 422-PAGE TOME, which is the third edition of the title, the estimable printer and digital retoucher Ctein reveals all the magic tricks of repairing old and damaged photographers with software. That, however, is also its weakness. Software is a moving target and by the time a book is published, applications have moved on. What makes the book valuable, however, is the techniques Ctein describes. Those don't go out of date.

The Photographer's Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion
by Maria Piscopo

IN ITS FIFTH EDITION, this 264-page treatise is required reading for anyone considering going into the photography business. Piscopo's advice as a long-time photographer's rep is informed by a lot of folly and hits the nail on the head until the point is made. We found the organization of the book a little repetitive but don't hold that against it. Sometimes it takes two or three repetitions for something to sink in. At least Piscopo doesn't hammer her advice down your throat. Instead, she rather charmingly persuades, often using the voice of other photographers to make her point.

NY in the Snow
by Vivienne Gucwa

HER PREVIOUS BOOK was a bestseller and this time around Internet sensation Vivienne Gucwa, whose online audience numbers over 2.5 million, sets out to capture the city in snow and mostly at night, highlighting the isolation and loneliness of being one of eight million people. She would often walk seven or eight miles a night in brutal conditions, just to capture each storm's unique personality. And here they are in nicely-printed 192 square-format pages.

Understanding Photobooks
by Jorg Colberg

COLBERG IS ON THE FACULTY of Hartford Art School's photography MFA program, which just happens to focus on photobooks. In 202 pages, he covers the territory from the concept to the marketplace to general considerations to editing and sequencing to book design to production. And if that doesn't quite answer all your questions, he proposes a mere 17 rules (one of which is "Don't Worry About Money") on making a photobook. There's nothing else like it.

Photojournalism -- The Professionals' Approach
by Kenneth Kobre

IN 564 VERY HEAVY PAGES, Kobre presents the seventh edition of this collection of powerful images by today's photojournalists working in several disciplines. But in its 40-year existence this title has become a respected reference for photojournalists, too, presenting interviews and case studies to show anyone interested in the field what it's like to be there at f8. This edition includes updated legal and ethics chapters as well as advice on using social media.

NB: Titles are affiliate links which provide you with a discount and us with a small referral fee. None of the titles come from the affiliates, however, but are either proposed by publicists or sought out by staff for review.

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