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31 October 2017

The ghouls guys at SilverFast are reducing prices 50 percent today and tomorrow. That includes all SilverFast 8.8 products (SE/Ai/HDR/Archive), PrintTao 8 and IT8/AirForce resolution targets.

The company announced the sale in an email to existing U.S. customers:

Shush ... it's Halloween and our brash house ghost Boo took aside some copies of SilverFast to sell them for for a special 50 percent Halloween price to our loyal American customers. If you've been thinking about buying SilverFast or upgrading your current version, there won't be a better time to do this. You can make the purchase directly online or call directly at (941) 351-9400 (Monday to Friday 9am to6pm EST) and say you'd like to take advantage of this sale.

Don't tell them we sent you, though.

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