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1 November 2017

Our usually reflective hour spent archiving the month was a distracted one with Halloween and Game 6 of the World Series competing for attention in the same window. But a window it is and we were happy to gaze back through it as we archived Volume 6 Number 10 of Photo Corners.

We published 88 stories last month. That included 16 Feature stories, 39 News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (with well over 130 items of interest), four Reviews and three Site Notes. Not a record, but pretty health numbers.

There was a surprising amount of news coverage ranging from software updates to new gear. Still, we were able to get four reviews finished. And we have a few more just about ready to go, too.

There's a lot going on at Photo Corners and you aren't missing much.

READERSHIP was up again. We don't have final figures yet but we surpassed last month in every category include unique sites and pages served (which continue to exceed half a million a month).

And except for the very last days of the month, those numbers once again exclude Google's indexing bot, which did not account for much activity at all.

OUR TOP STORY for the month was a matinee on Birth Photography. And it was followed closely by the matinee on Christine Opie. Even though it was only up for four days, the matinee on David Turnley managed to climb up to eighth place on the list. So you like our matinees, we're pleased to report.

In third place was our feature on The Art Of Cropping. And the top three were very close.

Following in fourth was our look at Elements 16 and in fifth was our Oct. 21 Horn.

Once again the list of top stories shows quite a variety of interest. And a broader look at the most read stories shows everything is getting attention from our slide shows to our tutorials to our news coverage to our roundups. There's a lot going on at Photo Corners and you aren't missing much.

ONE NEW SITE TWEAK was our introduction of a Recent Releases version of our Book Bag reviews. This gives us a format to present a list of photography-related titles we've read that we wanted to bring to your attention without publishing a full review.

Another one was the first public service announcement we've run, which appears in the Horn and will keep running through Dec. 15 when the open enrollment period for health care in 2018 under the Affordable Care Act ends.

Health care isn't our field, of course, but we've always had your best interests at heart.

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