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8 November 2017

The German firm globellColor has launched a Kickstarter campaign for an innovative calibration system that starts with a lens cap and ends with a monitor calibration unit that does not need to actually touch the screen.

The company said that the globellColorCap lens cap, which includes black, white and an 18 percent gray field, will be available in four sizes.

As Michael Tapes, inventor of the WhiBal, has pointed out, 18 percent gray works great for film but not for digital sensors, whose linear captures require a slightly lighter gray.

Still, having some reference is better than none. You simply photograph the lens cap in a test shot of the scene and apply the reading in post production to all the shots that used the same lighting setup.

Monitor calibration is also rethought, with a sensor that can be positioned off the screen to account for ambient light. The globellColorSuite includes the gobalColorMeter sensor and stand plus Mac and Windows calibration software.

The Kickstarter campaign offers a globellColorCap in any one size for $49. To get a cap and the globellColorSuite and one cap, pledge $199.

New Magic Lens Cap Will Help Create Perfect White Balance

Kickstarter Launches Today With Tools to Help Photographers Stay True to Their Colors

KOBLENZ, Germany -- globellColor, a leading maker of monitor calibration software, is taking its mission of helping photographers find their true colors to the next level with an ingenious, one-of-a-kind lens cap that will double as a "white-balance card."

The German company is introducing its Magic Lens Cap today on Kickstarter. The lens cap will come in four popular thread sizes, with one side of the cap having areas that are white, non-reflective black and 18 percent gray. By taking a test image with the subject holding the Magic Lens Cap, the photographer will later be able to use image of the lens cap to make the perfect white balance adjustments during post processing.

Backers will get special Kickstarter pricing and the chance to bundle the Magic Lens Cap with the company's signature monitor calibration software and a special stand for the optical sensor that is used to calibrate color monitors. They will also have the chance to bundle the Magic Lens Cap in all four thread sizes: 52mm, 58mm, 67mm and 77mm.

The special stand also represents a major advancement because it allows the sensor to sit away from the monitor so that it not only measures light emanating from the screen but also reflections and ambient light. Other brands with this "distance measurement" feature are priced thousands of dollars higher.

The combination of the Magic Lens Cap, sensor stand and the color calibration software will allow photographers to create virtually perfect, true-to-life images in the simplest workflow imaginable.

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