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15 November 2017

Adobe has released Lightroom Downloader, an application to download your synced Lightroom photos and videos to your computer's hard drive. Edits are stored in XMP sidecar files on the drive.

The software is compatible with macOS v10.13 High Sierra and Windows 10. We were able to run the software successfully on macOS v10.12 Sierra, however.

To use the application:

  1. Launch the program and sign in to your Lightroom account. Then wait for your library to be analyzed. A blue progress bar displays the progress of the analysis.
  2. Choose a destination folder with sufficient space for your data, which is reported in a window after the analysis.
  3. Start the download and watch the blue progress bar for completion of the download. You can pause and resume the download.
  4. On completion, check the output folder for your files using the button in the application.

Our download of 455 files took just a few minutes to finish. The program produces a small download report showing what it did.

Complete instructions and the download link are available of the Lightroom Downloader page.

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