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20 November 2017

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at the American family, Lightroom's Sensei search, Raw+JPEG Files in Capture One Pro, QromaScan and International Smoke.

  • In Search of the American Family looks at (Un)expected Families opening Dec. 9 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. "Thanksgiving tables are part battlefield, part stage. And a quick look around will reveal not only who is present but who is not," writes Rena Silverman. Like the photographer. Fortunately, the show includes over 80 pictures taken by American photographers from the 19th century to today.
  • Scott Kelby tries The New Sensei Search in Lightroom, showing what works and what doesn't:
  • Derrick Story suggests How to Handle RawJPEG Files in Capture One Pro+. Don't. Capture One will create JPEGs for you. "Plus, if you bring them both in, you'll have to manage them in the catalog," he adds.
  • QromaScan v3 features a new natural language tagging engine so you can describe photos in your own words and use QromaScan's voice recognition technology to detect and embed photo metadata tags for date, location and people. A new Relationship Manager detects the use of common nouns used for describing family members such as 'mom' and 'dad' and automatically tags the image with their full names.
  • Thomas Hawk took his camera to Ayesha Curry's International Smoke, a Contemporary Take on Barbecue where he and his family got a table in the bar area. Michael Minna is involved, too, and the fare is sophisticated. Steph had to work, apparently.

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