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22 November 2017

Ihagee has added a basic version of its Elbaflex 25mm analog camera to its Kickstarter campaign. The company also announced both the base and prime models will be offered in either the original Nikon F mount or a screw-threaded M42 mount.

Elbaflex Base Model. No wooden grip, leatherette instead of leather, shorter warranty.

While the base model shares the same technical specs as the prime model, the wooden grip is an optional add-on and leatherette covers the body instead of real leather. The base model include a two-year warranty while the prime model's warranty is for five years.

For more information see the Kickstarter campaign and the news release below.

Ihagee Announces Elbaflex Analog Camera Will Now Come in 'Base' and 'Prime' Models

Kickstarter campaign now allows choice of M42 or Nikon F Mount

DRESDEN, Germany -- After an outpouring of requests from passionate analog photographers, the new Ihagee company has announced that they have added a basic version of their Elbaflex 35mm analog camera to their Kickstarter campaign. Now, backers have the option of receiving the Elbaflex Base, which comes with less frills but a lower cost.

The Elbaflex Base, now available for a $299 pledge, will have the same mechanics and technical specs as the Elbaflex Prime but the Base version will have fewer aesthetic and ergonomic refinements. Whereas a wooden grip is standard with the Prime, it is an optional add-on for the Elbaflex Base. The Base also comes with a leatherette covering, as opposed to a choice of a real leather covering available in four different colors for the prime.

Another difference is that the Prime comes with a full five-year-warranty, while the Base has a two-year warranty. Both are backed by Ihagee's Global Repair Center in Germany.

Ihagee also announced that they will make the Elbaflex available in the M42 mount, as well as initial Nikon F Mount.

The new Ihagee company takes its name from the German camera pioneer that in 1936 produced the famous Kine-Exakta, a camera which eventually became known as the Elbaflex in the 1970s.

The new Ihagee Elbaflex is a collaboration between a team of German and Ukrainian engineers. The German side includes former engineers and technicians who have many years of experience in the production of analog and digital cameras, as well as lenses, for Leica and Schneider Kreuznach. They will provide the engineering and design leadership, while the Ukrainian side, which includes former members of the famous Arsenal factory in Kiev, will oversee production.

In fact, the Elbaflex borrows its basic design from the classic Kiev 19-MB. However, the Ihagee team has added new top and bottom plates and redesigned and replaced some of the interior parts.

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