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1 December 2017

As Masaccio might have told you if you'd bought him a glass of wine, perspective is everything. And as we archive Volume 6 Number 11 of Photo Corners, perspective is what we're providing.

Perspective is lost when you chase after the latest tidbits every day and forget what happened yesterday. Or even worse, you discount what happened yesterday because, well, it's a day old. There will be no historians in the Internet era.

Looking back at November, we can tell you we published 81 stories, including 15 Features, 37 News stories, 25 Editor's Notes (with over 138 items of interest), two Reviews and two Site Notes.

Those Editors Notes consolidate a list of items that would be individual stories on many other sites. We don't waste your time. And even less so now that Twitter allows us to tell you what those items are. Our one site tweak this month was expanding our tweets to include a description of what's in each Editor'a Note.

We did wonder if that would affect visits. Why visit if none of the items interest you? But we needn't have worried. Because each Note has something for everyone, they remain as popular as ever.

Sometimes photography seems to be more a fetish than an art. But not here.

As usual we don't have our final stats for the month as we prepare to dive into the next month. But we can see we've already exceeded bytes downloaded and pages served over the last four months. Thanks for that.

We did let Google back in and they've behaved, not downloading the entire site every five minutes.

OUR TOP STORIES for the month were 2017 Lucies Awarded To Outstanding Photographers, followed closely by a virtual tie between Nunn Awarded 2017 Bob & Diane Fund Grant and our essay Photography As An Art comparing Ansel Adams to Wallace Stevens.

The Behind Their Eyes and Roma: Sacro e Profano matinees rounded out the top five.

That's a nice mix and the rest of the top 20 reflected an even broader appreciation for what we're producing.

We cover things you just won't see on other sites, like those top three stories, oddly. But then our focus is on photography, not gear. Not that we don't talk about gear. After all, you need tools to create images.

But you have to wonder what the fascination is with unaffordable lenses and the lack of discussion about important software updates. Sometimes photography seems to be more a fetish than an art. But not here.

If you'd bought us a glass of wine (virtually by supporting our efforts), we'd have told you it's all about perspective. Unlike Masaccio, whose career lasted just six years, we've been at this for decades, working in a variety of roles. Masaccio influenced how painters paint for centuries.

That's a a goal we can't pretend to but long after the current camera of the year is going for peanuts on eBay, we hope what we're doing here will still matter to people who love photography.

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