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9 December 2017

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Julia Butterfly, being a specialist, using the color of the year, visual tech trends, Nikon rebates at midnight and net neutrality.

  • Rian Dundon notes It's Been 20 Years Since Julia Butterfly Fought Big Logging. She lived in a redwood tree named Luna for 738 days, posing for photos at the top. When she came down, she told the crowd, "There's something more than profit and that's life."
  • Ming Thein argues To Be a Specialist, You Have to Be a Good Generalist with a few of his own images over the years as evidence. "There are elements incorporated from street photography, reportage, wildlife, product photography, cinematography, abstraction, even surrealist painting," he points out.
  • Jesús Ramirez shows you how to Turn a Double Exposure Purple. And not just any purple but the Pantone Color Institute's 2018 color of the year: Ultra Violet (aka #5d4987).
  • Paul Melcher lists his Visual Tech Losers of 2017 and Winners of 2018. And it's not your ordinary lists but a conversation starter. Which of the two lists would you put cameras as glasses and driverless cars on? How about visual search and copyright?
  • At midnight tonight, Nikon will offer Nikon D7500 & Lens Rebates through Dec. 30.
  • As FCC Chair Ajit Pai tries to perpetrate one of the greatest scams the Internet has ever been subjected to (surpassing the audacity of even all those Nigerian emails with spambot-driven "public comments"), 'Face Reality! We Need Net Neutrality!' Crowds Chant Across the Country. We've pointed out before that rolling back current regulations would free Internet service providers to treat you just like cable companies do now. And we all agree that isn't a good thing, Martha.

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