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16 December 2017

As the Thomas Fire continues to burn in southern California, the winds have blown its smoke past the Channel Islands and into the Pacific. There they have blown north, passing just outside the Golden Gate.

That's led to some remarkable sunsets here. A large and very red sun drops to the horizon, not the small golden disc we're used to seeing in December. And as it descends through the layers of smoke, the circle itself breaks up into bars. In an instant, it's gone.

But yesterday the air quality in the city was miserable with a smoky haze obscuring everything. At sunset the haze lit up in red as if the sky were burning embers.

This NASA image of the Thomas Fire was captured on Dec. 13 from the Aqua satellite. It clearly shows the trail of smoke from the burning hills to the Golden Gate at the top of the frame.

Thomas Fire Smoke. NASA satellite image shows the smoke blowing toward the Golden Gate.

And our series above shows what it looked like at sunset last night. Like the sky itself was on fire.

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