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20 December 2017

The ratio of sunset photos to dawn photos is a lopsided one in favor of sunsets. Primarily, we suspect, this is because we tend to be awake at sunset. But today we were awake for the sunrise and, looking southwest, the delicate light falling on the storm cloud over the Pacific was spectacular.

Autumn Dawn. At f8.0, 1/125 second and ISO 200.

There was quite a downpour in the middle of the night but it didn't last long. That's been the pattern this fall. Rain, but only at night, and brief downpours. Very convenient, very efficient.

So this morning, the coffee still hot in our cup, we looked out the window to see what was going to blow in next. And to see what was behind it, we consulted one of several weather maps:

Nothing, in short. It's going to be a clear day. Which is helpful because we have some errands to run between stints here at the piano.

A local gardener fixing an adjoining fence told us yesterday that he thinks it's going to rain heavily from Jan. 15 on. So he's doing all his fence repair work now.

Whenever we hear these far-off predictions, we think to ourselves, "We should live so long."

But when we taken in as glorious a sight as this billowing cloud, we're glad we were able to see another day.

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