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22 December 2017

We were driving around the sunsplashed streets of the city the other day when a sudden thought jaw-walked in front of us. We stomped on our intellectual brakes to spare it a sudden passing.

All year long, we thought, we scrimp and save, looking for bargains on anything we need. But when Christmas comes along, we put on nice clothes and wander around the fanciest stores downtown, looking for something extravagant for the people we love.

It's really the only time we visit Gump's or Shreve's or any of the great old stores of San Francisco.

Not that we end up buying very extravagant gifts. No one ever got the keys to a Lexus at Christmas from us. Or any four-figure jewelry either. But we do look.

The displays weren't quite as elaborate are last year but the ornament collection seems to have grown.

We mostly try to shop for thoughtful gifts. Something we think the person would enjoy. Because we know something about what they really do enjoy.

We just like to get it from a nicer store than we'd go to buy something for ourselves.

This year was a bit different. We went to the great old stores but we didn't shop there. Instead, much to our surprise, we revisited Haight Street where we found a couple of new small shops with inexpensive but imaginative things. That's our idea of jewelry.

It was so fun to shop there, we were done in about half an hour.

We spent considerably longer in Gump's shooting these special glass ornaments with our iPhone 6 Plus.

The displays weren't quite as elaborate are last year but the ornament collection seems to have grown. And a very nice lady with a platter of cookies welcomes you at the door, even if you only drop in once a year.

We use the iPhone to avoid looking professional. Successfully.

We're confident that despite the harsh lighting and the iPhone's propensity to blow out highlights, we can get a nice image out of these shots with a little editing in Lightroom.

We liked them so much, we made Christmas cards out of them, too.

Christmas Cards. This year's batch waiting for a warm thought.

We wrote about that when we first started Photo Corners and were so worried about bandwidth charges, we used small images to illustrate the story.

We know you love photos, so we hope you enjoy our little gift to you of these Gump's ornaments photos. We did shop at a fancy store for you. But this is all you get.

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