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22 December 2017

You can never do justice to the sunset. But we keep trying. We want to preserve that subtle yet dramatic display that changes without our noticing it.

Sunset. Captured at f8.0, 1/30 second and ISO 200.

We first noticed the red sun descending over the Pacific. It had been hazy all day. Another fire? Or the smoke from all the fires clearing out after some winds?

We didn't know because we've been playing music instead of listening to the news.

But as we watched the sun disappear behind the thick marine layer 20 miles away, we noticed the sky fill with puffy clouds. A canopy of clouds that turned blue first as if they would fade to purple before disappearing into black.

But they picked up some pink and then some red from the sun behind its filter of smoke.

A river of blue sky broke up the canopy as if it were the cover of some domed stadium. Bluer than you see here, really.

And now it is dark.

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