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Friday Slide Show: Gangsta Step Sistas Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

29 December 2017

Christmas traditions warm the heart with memories. Not to mention being the source of a lot of holiday stress, too. Sometimes it helps to break the mold. And we're not talking about jelly mold.

This year the usual suspects assembled to douse the house with laughter, brave our holiday cooking (which remains experimental) and rid the house of wine. Joyce's sister arrived a few days early to help. And we all took a break one day.

We had lunch in the village at El Toreador before taking the streetcar downtown to enjoy the holiday decorations and see the sights.

But a funny thing happened at lunch.

The ladies decided to ominous dark glasses and pose at all the sights as Gangsta Sistas. We captured everything on silicon, just for laughs.

Later we uploaded a set of the images to a Google Photos album titled Gangsta Sistas Celebrate Christmas in San Francisco so we could share the link with distant, snowbound family members. Today's slide show is the short version of that.

When the two ladies pulled out their iPhones to view the slide show of themselves, though, they first compared how many steps they had accumulated during our adventure in the Health app.

That's how the Gangsta Sistas became Step Sistas. And a new Christmas tradition was started.

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