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2 January 2018

It may look like we spent the first full working day of 2018 horsing around but we've actually been culling the Calendar of exhibits that have closed and replenishing it with upcoming ones.

Culling means moving closed listings to the archived calendar. And except for one listing that closed New Year's Eve, our 2017 Calendar is complete. We always like to leave at least one expired listing in the current database so when you filter on Closed listings something shows up.

What's the merry-go-round have to do with that?

We could concoct some credible story but we just wanted a photo to accompany this story. And we liked this one, which we took a week ago at Pier 39. It's not on our usual route, certainly, but after it was reported to be a terrorist target we just had to take the family down.

Love conquers all, it is said.

We caught a juggler recovering from the inevitable with aplomb and the sea lions bullying each other and this carousel group of not just horses but sea lions and pandas, too.

Then it was nap time for our token toddler. So we jumped on a streetcar and went home. Safe and sound.

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