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8 January 2018

We've been hanging around the Under Two crowd this year and its been a revelation. The kind of revelation, we should explain, we enjoy.

Kids Playing. Nikon D200 at ISO 800, f6.3 and 1/13 second with 18-200mm image stabilized lens.

First, they're physically active. They do not stop moving. Wherever they are, they have to go. It's a race.

Second, they are always paying attention. They hear something, they repeat it. Well, the last part of it anyway. More or less.

"Piano" came out "panny-oh," for example.

Yes, we have a piano. A real one rebuilt by a gentleman named Victor Charles some years ago.

And that rocking horse you see in the photo is another relic, made by my brother around 30 years ago.

Pianos. Rocking horses. Who are we kidding?

Little Michael there on the mat by the sliding door to the garden is busy with Netflix. He knows how to scroll through the thumbnails, pick one and scrub through it, pausing at his favorite parts and hitting the Close icon when he's ready to move on.

His mother just got a tremendous deal on a Nikon D7500 with several lenses and accessories (including a compact camera bag) from Costco. We admired her new gear before we hauled out the Nikon D200 we'd brought along.

She was telling us she knew the 7500 wasn't a new model but it was one she liked and was finally able to snag. Now she had to learn to use it.

Our D200 as announced in Nov. 2005 so we just nodded. Same battery all these years, too. And we think we've finally figured it out, too.

We're just kids playing, after all.

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