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19 January 2018

We mounted a Lensbaby Twist 60 on our Nikon D200 even though we know better. The fun things about the Twist 60 require a full frame sensor, not the 1.6x crop factor of the D200.

But we like the lens. It's not soft but it's as sharp as a dinner knife rather than, say, a chef's knife. And there's this dreamy quality about it we found particularly appropriate to our subject: the fog that had been rolling in.

Sharpness isn't the only thing affected by the diffuse light of the fog. Contrast and clarity are stepped back, too. Not evenly either. You will find the foreground distinct, the middle ground murky and the background hazy.

The sorts of things
that make photos irresistable ... are impossible in the fog.

The sorts of things that make photos irresistable -- like saturated colors and sharp detail -- are impossible in the fog.

But it's that layered quality of the tones as they recede with the distance that appealed to us as we walked around Knockash Hill one afternoon this week.

And that's what we tried to remember as we edited the Raw captures in Lightroom Classic using Adobe Camera Raw.

Don't, that is, oversharpen them. Don't crank up the contrast. Don't bring the blacks down to zero.

We had a hard time of it. We wanted to kick up the Clarity, open the Shadows, restore a black Black and tweak the Highlights, like we usually do.

Which made it a good exercise. Look at the image. Preserve the diffusion. Cast off old habits.

What are left with?

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