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22 January 2018

Sodden thought in the shower: lenses are generational. Meaning, they resemble the generaions in a family. Let us put ourselves in the middle to illustrate.

Primes are like parents, fixed in their ways. They must be accommodated, they do not yield. You have to meet them more than half-way. And sometimes their view of things is entirely irrelevant.

Zooms are like children who can be imposed upon to bring in the groceries, take out the garbage, come home for the holidays. They're a lot more flexible, with a perspective on things that often surprises (and delights) us.

Your contemporaries, of course, would have to be those built-in optics of your smartphone or digicam. Those are the limitations you have to live with (with minor but transitory escapes using adapters like costumes) and are often unaware of.

Ah, you'll say, you're all wet. Right, hand us that towel over there, please.

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