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25 January 2018

Adorama has announced it is offering "some aggressive pricing for used gear," accepting trade-ins on Nikon dSLRs that credit you up to 70 percent of the resale value toward the purchase of new gear.

For example, you can get $1,200 in credit on a Nikon D810. Bokeh Market, for example, lists the value of the D810 at $1,591 from a trusted seller to $1,633 from an individual. That's 75 percent of the trusted price and 73 percent of the individual price.

Other Nikon dSLRs accepted by the program include the D800, D800E, D500, D750, D700, D610 and D600. But the company also will apparently consider older models, too.

The value of the credit varies depending on the condition of the dSLR but you can receive a quote using Adorama's online form, which mentions a cash payout option as well.

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