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26 January 2018

The wind whips up, the skies darken, drops begins to fall against the window pane. The storm arrives, passing through minutes or hours or days later. But it ends and when it ends, everything that survived is refreshed.

The dark clouds were still overhead when we stepped out to look at the garden. The air was clean, the sky clearing, the plants holding onto the last drops. We grabbed a camera and took a few shots.

Was it our imagination or were the colors more vibrant?

You can't have a garden without marveling at how things grow out of nothing and how, no matter what you do, they disappear. You battle weeds but are surprised by a clump of poppies. You tend the bush that withers back into the soil.

Whatever the lesson is, it is hard to learn.

And after the rain, there is the debris to clear, some repairs to make and, if you can spare a minute while the raindrops linger like tears under the blue sky, a few shots to take of the beauty that will itself inevitably disappear, too.

(Today's slide show is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Irving Abbott, a longtime Kodak employee referred to as 'The Wizard' by his colleagues for his ability to solve problems across disciplines. His inventions led to the development of the instant printing industry, greatly improved color film emulsions, reduced silver in X-ray film and created a unique instant color film used on the moon. He was also Joyce's father, our friend and a sweeter man one never knew. All you had to do was ask him and he would tell you why the sky is blue. -- Editor)

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