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A Valentine

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14 February 2018

Everyone has a heart. The flesh-and-blood variety that pumps unceasingly until it doesn't. But everybody has a heart of another kind, a metaphorical one. A good heart, a black heart, a metal-studded heart.

In our small collection of tiny metal hearts, there is indeed a metal studded heart. It makes us smile. If only.

We propped it up on a velvet cushion with a thumbtack that we upended to stick a tiny piece of board on its pin to hold the heart. Then we used our stealth LED device to light it.

We shot it with a Vivitar 70-210mm Series I zoom in Macro mode on our Nikon D300. Handheld. But where the heart is concerned, one must be a daredevil.

In his poem Lu Cori (The Heart), the Sicilian poet Senzio Mazza writes:

Metti di cantu lu gnègnuru stancu
e scancella li nùmmira. 'Rrena
il cuttnii di li pinseri
e ppi non dispiràriti
dacci raggiùni a dotti ccu gnuranti,
ma làssicci a lu cori la palora.

Rest your tired intellect
and erase the numbers. Stop
those tormenting thoughts
and don't be discouraged
by what the learned and foolish argue,
but let the heart have the last say.

"What does the heart know?" Alessandro Manzoni asked in his novel I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed). "Appena un poco di quello che è già accaduto," he wrote. Only a bit about what has already happened.

But let it have the last word.

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