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20 February 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at farm life in France, the Sony A7RIII's weather stripping, personal projects, ultra-compact zooms, camera buying frenzy, Sigma's new online publication and a copyright roundup.

  • Ah, Monday, back to the claustrophobic cubicle to slave away. But wait! Alan Taylor takes you to A Quiet, Ancestral Farm Life in Western France where Jean-Bernard Huon "lives a traditional, non-mechanized farm life, favoring ox teams over tractors." You can almost breathe the fresh air.
  • In Taking Apart the Sony A7RIII, Roger Cicala is in search of better weather sealing. "Except for the bottom this camera has thorough and extensive weather sealing, as good as any camera I've seen," he writes. But he hasn't seen a Pentax.
  • In The Roll of Personal Projects for Professional Photographers, Jed Taufer interviews Julieanne Kost for 35 minutes.
  • Derrick Story dips into The Wonderful World of Ultra Compact Zooms with a Pentax 18-50mm mounted on a Pentax KP dSLR and an Olympus 14-42mm mounted on a Pentax PEN-F. "Both of these optics have a high nimbleosity rating and are excellent performers as well," he writes.
  • In Am I Crazy? My Camera-Buying Frenzy, Mike Johnston admits he likes his Fujifilm X-T1 "better now than I did when I bought it" and has a few reasons to regret the cameras he bought new in 2012. One does wonder, though, how old his smartphone is.
  • Sigma has launched SEIN Online, an original online magazine available in both English and Japanese. "SEIN Online aims to share Sigma's passion and respect for visual culture and the art of photography, highlight the company's unique approach to manufacturing and shed light on the challenges involved in its quest to create the world's best optical gear," the company said.
  • Greenberg and Reznicki cover several developments during A Busy Copyright Week.

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