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Serif Updates Affinity Photo For iPad, Adds Bundle Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

22 February 2018

Serif has released Affinity Photo For iPad v1.6.7 with the ability to capture Raw and HDR images directly from your iPad camera in Affinity Photo, improved algorithms for adjusting shadows, highlights and clarity on Raw images and the ability to open and edit files in place directly from the Files app.

Other new features include a solo layer view mode, the ability to add your own fonts and a new "show touches" option to create screen capture videos. Significant enhancements to iOS 11 drag and drop functionality, improvements to brushes and Apple Pencil support and many other fundamental features round out the highlights.

The company has also bundled three creative content packs worth $20 with the new version. Those include Luminance (13 brushes), Studio Retouch (20 brushes) and Live Filters (28 macros). Current owners and purchasers of Affinity Photo For iPad on the Apple App Store can download the bundle at no charge.

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