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27 February 2018

It had rained for the first time in a while that morning and briefly sprinkled as everyone was coming home from work. Despite strong winds all day, the weather had been sunny.

February Sunset. A plane ascends against a storm.

The storm that brought hail, thunder and lightning to other parts of the state simply avoided us. But we could still see part of it passing in the southwest.

And as we watched, we saw a plane ascend over the ocean, as it does every night. But tonight the storm provided a dramatic backdrop.

Detail. A crop of just the plane.

Where was it going? That flight path could be off to anywhere. Hawaii. Asia. Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, New York.

We had the Nikon D200 with an 18-200mm zoom on it. We set ISO to 200 to get the maximum dynamic range the D200 could provide. And we snapped away every few minutes as the light changed.

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