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14 March 2018

The British Journal of Photography has published London-based photographer Laura Pannack's Separation, a series of portraits of 13 couples that explores their situation in the wake of the June 2016 Brexit vote. The series was commissioned by the Journal and created using Affinity Photo for iPad.


Pannack has photographed a different group of couples every day since March 12. The photographs are taken in different creative districts in London and, using the Affinity Photo for iPad app, edited while on the shoot, sending them directly to the BJP picture desk to be published live.

For each portrait in the series, one person is British and the other has moved to the UK from Europe. Each portrait is accompanied by the couple's story and a personal reflection on Brexit.

The couples featured in Separation are all of different nationalities: one half of each is British and the other half from elsewhere in Europe. The nationalities of the featured couples are: British, Italian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, French and German.


Following are the reflections of three of the couples featured in Separation:

Mirjami and Adam
Finnish graphic designer and British support worker

"When Brexit happened, I took it personally. I come from an immigrant family and had been exposed to racism and stereotyping throughout my childhood. I was born in Finland but my parents are Chinese so I've always felt like an outsider. When I moved to London, I felt like everyone came from elsewhere for the first time; everyone looked different, everyone felt like they belonged. That made me feel like I belonged here too. After the Brexit vote, I felt that same feeling I had felt as a kid, like I'm not wanted and I'm just a nuisance to the locals."

Jerry and Helena
Polish professional drummer and British receptionist

"Jerry has always been aware of a strong animosity toward himself and other immigrants. Although I was aware of these attitudes, they were not something that I had been personally confronted with. Since the Brexit vote, I have witnessed more discrimination, including one personal experience."

Lorenzo and Phoebe
Italian historian and British shoe designer

"Brexit made us suddenly aware that we live in a bubble and that the rest of the UK looks upon the wealth of opportunity and flow of money in London with envy and bitterness. Maybe we are part of the problem -- neither one of us would consider living outside of the M25. We spend a lot of time in Italy but we never leave London, except to go to Gatwick. Having grown up as 'Europeans' we are dismayed to find that we won't necessarily have the freedom to live in either of our countries. Ultimately, we have decided to move to Italy by 2019 -- Phoebe has already applied for dual nationality."


Pannack was educated at the University of Brighton, Central Saint Martins College of Art and London College of Communication. Her work has been extensively exhibited and published, both in the UK and internationally, including at The National Portrait Gallery, The Houses of Parliament, Somerset House, and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

In January, Pannack was named winner of the 2018 Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers. Other awards include Getty Images Prestige Grant (first prize), Sony World Photography Award (second prize) and Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie Prize.

You can follow Pannack's Separation online now.

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