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LaserSoft Imaging Announces New Calibration Targets Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

22 March 2018

LaserSoft Imaging has announced a new generation of scanner targets designed to provide "significantly higher accuracy" wit 600 additional measuring points. The new targets will be available at a special introductory price through March.

The new advanced color calibration targets are based on the ISO Norm 12641 Part 2 or 12641-2 currently undergoing the final stages of ISO testing. LaserSoft Imaging is making the target available now in a new design that "significantly increases the measuring field of the Target."


The previous 12641 Standard will remain unchanged and is referred to as Part 1 or 12641-1. Part 2 expands upon Part 1 with modern IT8 layouts. Once Part 2 is adopted by the ISO Committee, it will become the new standard.

You can use the new targets with the latest versions of SilverFast, too. SilverFast Ai IT8, Ai Studio and Archive Suite (version 8.8.0r11 or later) offer the choice between Standard Calibration (for Part 1 targets) and Advanced Calibration (for Part 2 targets).

As the video above illustrates, the increased number of measuring points reduces the reliance on interpolation, increasing color reproduction accuracy.

"Ultimately, if you want improved accuracy, we recommend Advanced Calibration," the company said.


A Part 235mm individually-measured transparency target is $242.91 (regularly $269.90) while a 35mm calibration target is $89.91 ($99.90). Larger sizes are also available.

The older Part 1 IT8 standard target is still available for $189.90 and $59.90 respectively for 35mm transparency targets.

Visit the LaserSoft Imaging online store to order the new targets at a 10 percent discount through the end of the month.

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