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29 March 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Kyoto cherry blossoms, a $20 DIY portable doorway, making a portfolio, the D700 revisited, bias in facial recognition software, successful habits, another form of success, an Ester lottery and the Cuba of Ramiro Fernandez.

  • Jeffrey Friedl reports Cherry Blossoms Are Quite Early in Kyoto This Year. This year he shot the blossoms with a Panasonic LX100. Last year he used a Nikon D4.
  • Strobist David Hobby continues his Strobist Lighting Cookbook series with $20 DIY Portable Doorway using PVC and a white twin bed sheet. "It really couldn't be easier," he promises.
  • Matt McCue highlights a few Essential Steps to Making a Killer Portfolio. "If your projects are stylishly presented, the chances are likely better that people will want to check out your work -- which is the first step to getting more opportunities," he writes.
  • Kirk Tuck is Enjoying the D700 which, he writes, "nailed the basic color science to a more accurate degree than a much more recent generation competitor." So much so that "If I were starting out, young and broke, today I think a couple of D700s or Canon 5Dmk2s and a handful of older lenses would be the best use of limited funds for me."
  • Tom Simonite explains How Coders Are Fighting Bias in Facial Recognition Software. Finer filters for more difficult recognition problems, in short.
  • Ming Thein has posted the second part of The Habits of Successful Photographers.
  • To return to earth orbit, Gorden Lewis explains How to Become a Successful Fine Art* Photographer, which includes the advice to "Be deceased." Note the Satire Alert.
  • You are automatically entered in the SilverFast Easter Lottery 2018 if you make a purchase between Mar. 26 and April 3. And you could win a 3x1 35mm IT8 Target for scanner color calibration with SilverFast Ai Studio (software not included) or a 3x1 Resolution Target (USAF 1951) from LaserSoft Imaging to determine the highest usable resolution for best sharpness and clarity.
  • This June Monacelli Press will publish Cuba Then, vintage photographs and ephemera from the collection of Ramiro A. Fernandez, the most extensive archive of Cuban photography outside of the island nation. Much of the collection, which spans more than a century, has never been published. It includes aristocratic race-car drivers, movie actors and showgirls, magicians, and spies, Fidel Castro drinking Coca-Cola, Celia Cruz, Winston Churchill and Maria Felix.

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