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13 April 2018

After tinkering with it for a while, we just can't decide whether or not we prefer it. That would be the experimental Scrolling Home Page we recently mentioned we have been working on.

Our traditional home page uses a fixed layout. When you scroll the page up, everything moves up. That keeps everything together, just the way we laid it out, like a typical newspaper layout. Something we know a little about.

But as you are reading the headlines, the recent links on the left scroll away, too. And you can really only follow one at a time.

Compromises are hard to love. So we are soliciting your feedback.

So we thought it might be nice to have the two columns scroll independently. Scroll the headlines, the links stay where they are. Scroll the links, the headlines stay where they are. Follow one or the other. Switch back and forth, even.

And it is nice. We think.

We thought it would be a brilliant idea to anchor the copyright banner at the bottom of the page up into the main window and leave it there. But that turns out to be tricky.

We can't fix it to the bottom of the window without knowing the window's dimensions and those vary from machine to machine. And leaving it short works but looks a lot different from everything else on the site.

So we ran it long. Which looks familiar but adds the scrolling. A sort of compromise.

Compromises are hard to love. So we are soliciting your feedback.

You can try the experimental Scrolling Home Page but note that you won't be returned to it unless you use the Back button and doesn't include the code for small screens (yet). It's experimental after all.

There are light teal elevator buttons indicating and controlling the scroll (see if you can find all three of them). If you scroll everything up (or scroll the page background), you'll see the copyright banner, just as you always did.

Give it a whirl and let us know which you prefer. Please. The suspense is killing us.

Update (14 April): We spent a few minutes updating the responsive CSS code so the experimental scrolling headline page should now behave as expected on small screens (like your phone). In portrait orientation, the new code kicks in. In landscape, you get the full-blown site with scrolling sections. Some design improvements have been made to the narrow screen display as well.

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